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The online website where you can find miniatures and modeling products. All rigorously Made in Italy


What if one day, for no reason, everything we have created, built and thought takes our place?

A series of 4 sci-fi miniatures

born from the pencils of the Illustrator David Diez

Evodevo 1.jpg

I really like the authorial aspect of the product, the research of the subject and the courage to propose new things. The pieces are original and perfectly packaged. The service is perfect

Artist - PAOLO DI POCE - Italy 

Gianpaolo Di Silvestro, a maker of resin models for collectors and museums, created a miniature of Mr. Adler with a 3-D printer that he hopes to market (alongside Darwin and other figures). “I thought: This is a real superhero,” Mr. Di Silvestro said. "Miniature war scenes are very popular, and I thought why not tell a real story that had a happy ending."

NEW YORK  TIMES Aug. 23, 2021 - USA-

December 2022

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- Neandertal - The Tale of Tal

A Scientific Graphic Novel and a miniature

neanderthal resin miniature

Lauras'  Nightmares

New Collectable Monster Series



Discover our unique steampunk style fish models

Each piece was designed with passion and inspiration to create a unique experience for our customers. From underwater fish to flying squid, each fish model has been created with a keen eye for design and function. We are sure that you will find something you like in our collection, whether it is to decorate your home or to enrich your collection of steampunk items. Discover our collection now and immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Steampunk Seaworld."


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