bambini di guerra busto in resina 90 mm

War Childhood resin bust: childhoods in war


The beginning of the Second World War brought about significant changes in the lives of children from all over Europe. Bombing and air raids forced various Allied governments, including Britain, to move off children from cities. The war, seen through the eyes of 5 years, was confusion, estrangement and even loss of loved ones. Evacuation and displacement were the major cause of disruption in children's lives. The British government sent millions of children away from city centers for fear of air raids.

Many families voluntarily confined the very young to country friends, grandparents or relatives. Many displaced children were sent to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and even South America.

Often they had a small name TAG pinned on the jacket, a small suitcase with a gas mask and unawareness of what was going on.

This small bust, hand-carved and beautifully made, wants to tell just this: the light-heartedness of a common gesture associated with an unconscious and often definitive exodus. The bust is deliberately de-contextualized, and recalls a tragedy that has lasted for years involving losers and winners .... we also want to remember the story of the Istrian exiles and all those families separated because of hatred and selfishness.

Human packages removed from war atrocities. The small tag on the breast pocket recalls the labels that were applied to children, often too young, to direct them from friendly arms into a world ready for war.

A small tribute to millions of silent and forgotten stories. A resin bust to remember and reflect.



This is a 1:10 scale resin bust



Model is in 4 pieces in unpainted resin



  • dati tecnici:

    dim. busto miniatura: 1/10 about 4 cm cm

    materiale: resina

    Project: Di Silvestro Gianpaolo

    Sculpted by: Mujin Park

    Box Art: John Chan

    2 Box Art: David Srba

VAT Included