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Vlady zombie boy resin miniatures

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Halloween was the best time of the year for Vlady, the time when his weirdness went unnoticed. He sculpted his pumpkin with obsessive attention, then placed it in front of the window, filled it with candles and watched her crooked smile glow in the dark. And he talked to us. For hours and hours. Whole nights. Until the day the pumpkin answered him. By offering him a deal. A friend was a precious asset, for someone who had never had any. They would be forever. He just had to give up his mortal life, for an eternity in darkness. Vlady didn't even take the time to think: how could he give up his pumpkin? After all, Halloween was the best time of the year.



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  • technical data:

    size miniature: 5 cm

    pcs: 7 resin pieces

    Sculptor: Laura Gallo

    Box Art: Luca Vergerio

    Story: Barbara Battistelli


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