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T-34 Soviet Tank Commander A. Samusenko resin model

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Aleksandra Grigoryevna Samusenko was the only female officer among the Red Army tankers during the Second World War.

Samusenko began her service as a private in an infantry platoon and after successfully completing the Tank Academy became the first female officer to lead a Russian tank.

He fought both in the Winter War, between the USSR and Finland, and in the Second World War. During the Battle of Kursk, in particular, Alexandra Samusenko received honors with the Order of the Red Star for destroying three German Tigers, in command of her T-34.

Several legends and tales surround Samusenko's death. His grave is located in Łobez, in Poland, near the monument to William I.

Why carve a T.34 tanker?

Because a gift of such value and courage, in a difficult world like that of war, must be remembered and told with all the necessary honors.

The model is faithfully sculpted by Maestro Mujin Park for Scientificmodels while the T-34 Tower was faithfully reproduced in 3D by the digital sculptor Umberto La Sorda.

The Box Art was entrusted to the very good Italian artist Roberto Del Cima.



The resin model of the Soviet tank commander will be available in a limited edition starting 18th december 2021.


We will start to ship from 28 Dec. 2021




  • technical data:

    size bust: 1:10

    pcs: 14 resin pieces

    Sculptor: Mujin Park

    3D Sculptor: Umberto La Sorda

    box Art: Roberto Del Cima

    second box Art: Miklos Bute


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