Starbond microtip applicator per colla cianoacrilica

Starbond Microtips Extension Applicators

Starbond MIcrotips are specially crafted micro extension applicators that fit snug onto Starbond applicator nozzles (cone-shaped applicators that screw on the bottle). Microtips are essential for precision work, as they allow full control in the amount of glue that is applied. Therefore, Microtips are ideal for hard-to-reach areas, hairline fractures, narrow slots, and delicate woodturning projects without making a mess.




If the tips are clogged, there are two options: 1) Dispose of the tips and use a new one or 2) Drop the clogged tips into a jar of acetone for a few hours. This will unclog the tips for re-use!


  • Technical data:

    The package contains 50 spare silicone microtips.

    Starbond glues already have 5 micro applicators as standard.

    They can be adapted to all cyanoacrylate glues with standard conical spouts.

    The envelopes are thermally sealed so that our microtips do not present moisture on opening.


VAT Included