Rinoceronte bianco con cucciolo modellino modellismo diorami scala 54mm

White Rhinoceros resin model 54mm

This kit was born with the intent to turn the spotlight on the protection of the last white rhinos and on the dangerous work of the park rangers. These Widlife soldiers pay, very often with their lives, the protection of these wonderful animals.

The white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum Burchell, 1817) is a species that symbolizes the dramatic effects of poaching around the world. The rhinoceros is in danger of disappearing in the coming decades from all over the planet due to a ruthless barbarian hunt that aims only at the horn trade. Reading a WWF source it is estimated that in Africa alone in the last decade more than 6,680 rhinos have been killed by poachers. In 2015, experts calculated that 7,500 poachers entered the Kruger National Park alone (in South Africa) with an increase in poaching within the park by 43% compared to the previous year. Also in South Africa from 2007 to 2016, rhino poaching increased by 9000%.

We created this model not to forget ... and to reflect how stupid and insipid traditions can destroy our heritage of Biodiversity.

Models are scaled for figures and dioramas in 54mm

The lot includes 2 rhinos or 2 rhinos and a ranger (still in production)

Choose the lot you like best.

These scale models are useful for building skits and dioramas.

Very useful to make your historical setting more realistic and complete


  • technical data:

    dim. Rhinos in scale 54mm = 1:32 

    material: 3D resin

    Project: Di Silvestro Dr. Gianpaolo

    3D Artists:  Simone Rasetti & Claudio Casini 

    Painter: Massimo Scabardi 


VAT Included