Effetto Acqua prochima resina E-30 FAST

Resin E-30 FAST Water Effect Prochima for modeling


Resin E-30 water effect "original Prochima" Fast dries in less than 3 hours! It is a non-toxic product with a dermatological certificate, so you can easily create cabochon jewelry and other objects that can come in contact with your skin. Ideal for creating watertight dioramas, diorama ponds etc.
The quality of Prochima, unlike the various imitations (which had been born in these two years without any experience,), also goes through a strick quality check that we have been implementing with every product for the last 50 years to give your health security.


  • Reproduction of transparent objects and prototypes in the art industry.
  • Glass enamels for costume jewelry and objects with self-leveling glass effect casting.
  • Ideal for including photos and various other objects.


To achieve more colorful effects, transparent coloring pastes, glitters or pearling powder can be added.
Possibility to be pigmented with dyes that leave the resin transparent.


    Viscosity of component A 1.800 - 2.000
    Viscosity of component B (at 25°C): 350-450
    Density of the mixture A (at 25°C) (Kg/lt) 1,15
    Density of the mixture B (at 25°C) (Kg/lt) 1,03
    Optimum storage temperature (°C) 18- 25
    Base/hardener ratio 100/60 weight/weight
    Pot life (mass of 200 g. at 25°C): 40 minutes
    Alleged hardening time 3mm (mass of 200 g. at 25°C): 3 hours
    Complete hardening time 3mm (mass of 50 g. at 25°C): 72 hours


    The product can be returned intact in its original packaging within 7 days after receiving it.

VAT Included