Aves Apoxie sculpt da 46 grammi in diversi colori solo su scientificmodels.shop

Two-component resin for sculpting and restoration Aves Apoxie Sculpt 46 g.



Aves Apoxie® Sculpt epoxy resin combines the features, and benefits, of a sculpture clay with the qualities of an epoxy adhesive resin. It is smooth with a putty-like consistency, and is easy to mix and use. It does not need to be heated, because it hardens by itself in 24 hours with a semi-glossy finish. It sticks to any surface, and is therefore ideal for sculpting, fillings, stucco work, archaeological and paleontological restoration. It can also be coated with paint and even mixed with various powders and pigments.
Ideal for: sculpting, jewelry, mosaic art, modeling, prototypes, exterior works, restorations, wood works, taxidermy.




  • Self-hardening
  • Putty-like consistency
  • Highly adhesive
  • Great details
  • 0% of cracking
  • High durability
  • Semi-glossy finish
  • Water-resistant
  • Not flammable
  • Can be applied underwater
  • Stable at low temperatures


Product mixture (50/50).

Sticks to any surface.

Self-hardening; no heating needed.

Compliant with US directives ASTM D 4236 GHS.

Not effected by cold.

Not flammable.

Non-conductive, resistant.






    Use nitrile gloves to mix A+B in the proportion 1:1.
    Use water or a dash of olive oil on your fingers to make the product less sticky.
    Contact us for the product safety sheets.


    The product can be returned intact in its original packaging.


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