modello in resina busto miniatura ragazza mursi

Girl "Mursi" the Human canvas resin model

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The lower Omo Valley (Ethiopia) is a territory that hosts an incredible wealth. Unique ecosystems made even more wonderful by a kaleidoscope of human populations living on  its banks.  The seasonal floods of the river, fed  from the rains of the plateaus, they are the extraordinary wealth of this land, which flourishes every season.

The Bodi (Me'en), the Daasanach, the Kara (or Karo), the Kwegu (or Muguji), the  Mursi  and the Nyangatom inhabit the banks of the river, on which they totally depend for their survival. 

In ways, often very different,  all the peoples of the valley depend on a variety of sustenance techniques that they adapt to  changing climatic conditions. These popolipescano, raise cattle, are specialized in the cultivation of sorghum etc ... Unfortunately, however, the new policies of exploitation of the great river are seriously endangering this variegated and wonderful system that has evolved over thousands of years. One of the causes of land impoverishment  it is due to the construction of large dams that are irremediably modifying the waterways. Why did we decide to create a mursi girl? because it is beautiful in its extraordinary simplicity. Their ornaments, headdresses and parts of bone used as decorations make these girls wonderfully beautiful and enrich a human "canvas" made of colors and shapes.

The resin model of the mursi girl will be available in a limited edition and in availability only on 8-9 and 10 October 2021.






  • technical data:

    size bust: 1:10

    pcs: 11 resin pieces

    Sculptor: Mujin Park

    box Art: Luca Vergerio


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