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Motherhood mom and son in traditional Tibetan clothes resin model

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Often and willingly, beauty is in the simplicity of things.

A bee on a flower, a drop on a leaf or a mother with her baby.

With this resin bust we wanted to finally usher in an idea that has been haunting us for a long time ... to tell what is beautiful about our planet.

With this beautifully sculpted bust by our Korean friend Mujin, we wanted to tell a story that is geographically distant but close to us all: The love of a mother for her son or daughter.

We thought of a Tibetan mother, for the sweetness of their faces, for the sunburnt skin and for the very pronounced somatic features. The Tibetan population is divided into many subgroups, with very different uses and customs.

Their ability to live and settle at high altitudes and their innate tolerance to cold have meant that this model could fully enter our dream list.

I hope you like it. I want to encourage you with this bust to study and deepen a very ancient culture and population.


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  • technical data:

    Bust size: scale 1:12 6 pcs.

    Sculptor: Mujin Park

    Box Art:  The Chak Leung

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