Eusthenopteron sp. modello in scala 1:1 di pesce devoniano primitivo

Scale model size 1:1 of Eusthenopteron sp. Sarcopterygii devonian fish


This is a high quality 1:1 scale resin model of Eusthenopteron sp., a Devonian freshwater fish.
Its remains have been found in Russia, England and Canada. Eusthenopteron is a very important fish for science since the disposition of the bones of the even fins is very similar to that of the limbs of primitive tetrapods, such as Ichthyostega and Acanthostega. The body remains that of “a fish”, with a trilobate tail; the scales were thick and they protected the lengthened body while the pectoral fins were placed in front and jointed with the scapular girdle. Eusthenopteron had to be a skilled aquatic predator and it probably hunted by stalking the pray from the riverbed. The body could have been supported by sturdy fins. The reconstructions that show Eusthenopteron walking out of the water are unrealistic and are not reflected in its anatomy. The skeleton did not have the structural strength to support this fish and defy the force of gravity.


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  • Technical features:

    Material: full resin in 2 pieces

    Scale: 1:1

    Dimension: 45 cm

    Design: Di Silvestro Gianpaolo and Jacek Major


VAT Included