Modellino in resina di Polpo marino Coconut Octopus modellismo modelli resina scala 1.1

Scale model of Coconut octopus Amphioctopus marginatus

SKU: Octopus1.1
We alternate the pause of busts and miniatures with little explored subjects in the modeling spheres .... today it is the turn of the Coconut Octopus
The sculpture is by Andrea Calabrese with my scientific supervision.
Unfortunately, due to pollution, this small inhabitant of the seas no longer uses only shells as a small refuge but also plastic and various filth. Plastic is now present in every part of our globe and in every possible ecosystem ... it is a plague that is increasingly part of us and of our world ...
we have to find a way to stop it!

A 1: 1 scale model that can be used with and with superior conciglia and that lends itself to being modified for your fantasy or nature style models as well.

  • technical data:

    dim. octopus in scale and 1: 1 = 5cm x 4cm (excluding tentacles)

    The package includes two shell valves + octopus + base

    material: resin

    Project: Di Silvestro Gianpaolo

    3D Artist: Andrea Calabrese

    Painter: XX


VAT Included