Korean tiger Hunter by Jemo Kang 75mm miniature

Korean Tiger Hunter 75mm CHAKHOGAPSA

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A long time ago, a large number of tigers lived in Korea. Wonderful beings but also a cause of great fear for people.

The tigers represented a problem for the whole country and thus the figure of the professional hunter was born.

They were called "chakhogapsa" (tiger hunters) and were public officials who hunted according to a quota system when predations of tigers appeared in rural countries.

When Japan invaded Korea, tiger skin became a precious commodity and this led to the total extinction of these wonderful felines. The "Chakhogapsa" who protected their families and people from the tigers turned into skilled snipers against the Japanese invasion army.

These are the stories that excite us ... and intrigue us



This is a 75mm resin figure and depicts a Korean Tiger Hunter.

The model was sculpted by the talented Jemo Kang and the model is inspired by a real photo of the 1800s ca.



The model is in 5 pieces in unpainted resin






  • technical data:

    dim. miniature bust: 75mm about

    material: resin

    Project and 3D Artist: Jemo Kang

    Box Art: Luca Vergerio

VAT Included