it the killer clown by Laura Gallo

Bozer the killer clown resin miniature

The brightest of smiles, the most beautiful of laughter, the sweetest of deaths. He is the heart of the circus: funny jumps, somersaults, jokes and jokes, and the children can not help but be enchanted by his funny madness, until the moment when the enchantment explodes in the chest and paralyzes every muscle, freezes the smile on his face, his hair stands on end, and the dish is served. After having stunned them with laughter, he can feed on delicious babies, tender and juicy meats, velvety cheeks, tantalizing bony legs. What better way to take revenge for the mockery suffered by the child he once was, who dreamed of becoming a clown, and who instead fell from the 20-meter high rope, while trying to prove to his comrades who mocked him that he could become the best tightrope walker in history?



Sales start from February 1, 2022





  • technical data:

    size miniature: 5.5 cm

    pcs: 6 resin pieces

    Sculptor: Laura Gallo

    Box Art:  



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