resin model Robot vintage in vendita modellismo

I, Tin Robot vintage robot resin model


The word Robot derives from the ancient Slavic Rabota which means servitude.

Asimov coined the term Robotics, and in his book "I, Robot" he created the 3 laws of Robotics. they were exhibited in halls of wonders and fairs of genius.

In the 60s there was a real explosion of automated toys and it is precisely to this period that we dedicate I, Tin Robot.

A resin model that reproduces the style and appearance of a toy robot by features.

It is a 5.5 cm tall resin model much larger than the one offered in the Wonder Stories kit that you can use to embellish your dioramas or to develop unusual skits of your imagination. There is and does not exist a fixed color scheme, just as we do not have a base to inspire you ... everything can be played with free interpretation. We are only waiting for your works.

  • technical data:

    dim. robot: 55 mm

    material: resin and 3D printing

    Project: Di Silvestro Gianpaolo

    3D Artist: Simone Rasetti

    Painter: XX

VAT Included