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Rapid hardening silicone rubber GSP-400 N

GSP-400 is a completely non-toxic silicone rubber that hardens quickly by a polyaddition reaction. It is suitable to reproduce smaller or larger molds, when fast-hardening time is needed. It contains a very low amount of liquid silicone, therefore is qualified to make high-quality casts with a low wet look. The result you get is a vulcanized rubber of medium hardness and low elasticity. It is also completely safe to use it in direct contact with skin as the product is non-toxic and does not cause any irritations; the certificat of suitability issued by an authorised laboratory is available. In the event of the product coming in contact with the eyes, wash thoroughly with warm water and consult a doctor.


    Color: light yellow
    Pot life at 23°C: 20 minutes
    Hardening time at 30°C: 45 minutes
    Contact us for the safety data sheets.


    The product can be returned intact in its original packaging within 7 days after receiving it.

VAT Included