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Polyaddition Silicone Rubber GLS-PRO

GLS-PRO is a liquid rubber, which vulcanizes cold through a polyaddition reaction, used for casting. It is the simplest alternative to the GLS-50, with medium viscosity and it is able to reproduce every little detail. It is suitable for specifically constructing well-shaped molds of small and medium objects with strong under-square, such as figurines, bas-reliefs, candles, etc., but with GSA TIXOTROPIZING AGENT it can also be made into gel and applied with a brush or a spatula. With a few tricks you can even make bivalve or cavity molds, to reproduce objects with a more complex or larger structure. If you should find it useful, you can require the Silicone Mold Making brochure.

This type of rubber has an average pot-life (60 'at 25°C) and a low viscosity, which allows a complete escape of the air absorbed within. You can remove it from the mold after about 15 hours at 25°C. What you need to remember is; to prevent the impediment of catalysis, the GLS-PRO cannot be cast directly on some materials.


    Viscosity (mPa-s at 25°C):
    7.000±2000 (20) 9.000±2000 (30) 12.000±2000 (40) 16.000±2500 (50)
    Specific weight: 1,05 (20)1,04 (10) 1,05 (20) 1,12 (30) 1,14 (40) 1,16 (50)
    Optimum storage temperature: (°C) 18- 25

    Base/hardener ratio:100/100 weight/weight

    Pot-life at 25°C: 60 minuts

    Setting time at 25°C: 6 hours

    Demolding at 25°C: 15 hours


    The product can be returned intact in its original packaging within 7 days after receiving it.

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