Silicon Mold Rubber GLS-50

Silicon Mold Rubber GLS-50


GLS-50 is a liquid rubber, which vulcanizes cold through polycondensation, used for casting. Its obvious high viscosity does not prevent it from penetrating through cracks and reproducing even the smallest details. It is suitable for specifically constructing well-shaped molds of small objects with strong under-square, such as figurines, bas-reliefs, candles, etc., With a few tricks you can even make bivalve or cavity molds, to reproduce objects with a more complex or larger structure. If you should find it useful, you can require the Silicone Mold Making brochure.

This type of rubber has a very long pot-life (over 1 hour), and this allows an almost complete escape of the air absorbed within. The demolding can be done after about 18 hours at 20°C, but just to be safe, leave it for 24 hours. Before use, 5% of the catalyst must be added to the GLS-50: T-30 for standard use, T-35 when maximum resistance to polyurethanes is desired, and TIXO-BLUE to get a brushable rubber. It is advised you always dose the components by weight. If you do not have an accurate balance to dose small quantities of catalyst, you can use a graduated syringe and dose it in volume: 1 cc. equivalent to 1 g., while the rubber, which is the largest quantity, must definitely be weighed.

Silicone rubbers do not stick to other materials except to themselves and various other silicone materials in general. And also, you must pay attention to the use of silicone rubbers on porous materials, such as natural stones, plaster, terracotta, etc. for two main reasons; the possible release of silicone oil, and mechanical retention due to the rubber penetrating into the micro pores.


    Color: deep pink

    Viscosity: 15,000 mPa-S (23°C)

    Optimum storage temperature (°C) 18-25
    Base/hardener ratio: 5%
    Pot life at 25°C: 60 minutes
    Setting time at 25°C: 6 hours
    Demolding at 25°C: 24 hours.

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