Ranger Africano e rinoceronte Bianco modellismo diorami animale 54mm

Resin figure African Ranger 75mm & 54mm diorama

SKU: Africanranger75mm

This is a 75mm or 54mm resin figure set and depicts an African ranger.

Africa is the continent with the highest rate of destruction of biological and faunal heritage. The speculative forces behind this biodiversity loss are the illegal wildlife trade, the expansion of human settlements, and the illegal ivory trade. While these pressures are real and constant, only a handful of African Rangers face these threats with courage and dedication. Their actions and protection ensure safety and create safe places so that ecosystems can function and provide benefits to people and wildlife. Often these Rangers fall victim to assaults by armed gangs of unscrupulous poachers.

This is a tribute to these silent guardian angels of Africa.



The model is in 9 pieces in unpainted resin


The 54mm model kit contains 2 White rhinos and 1 ranger with base





  • technical data:

    dim. miniature bust: 75mm about

    material: resin

    Project: Di Silvestro Gianpaolo

    3D Artist: Claudio Casini Art (African ranger)

    3D Artist: Simone Rasetti (white Rhinoceros)

    Painter: Massimo Scabardi

VAT Included