Klingert Diving Suit resin figure

Klingert Diving Suit resin figure

This is a 75mm resin figure and depicts the wonderful diving suit designed by Scientist Karl Heinrich Klingert.

Klingert (1760-1828) lived in Breslau where he graduated from the Protestant school of St. Mary Magdalene. In the same city he taught physics and mathematics

he was an eclectic scientist ... he made countless models and tools for research and science.

Klingert was particularly interested in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and applied physics. He conducted experiments with electricity and air.

Among his most famous inventions we include: a pump that releases oxygen from the water, a self-powered system for an underwater lamp, the basket fire escape, the thermometer and compass for the blind, a particular arm prosthesis, an exercise chair of rehabilitation, the wheelchair and many other fantastic inventions. His largest and most complex work was built in 1797. The klinger Diving suit built to clean waste from the bottom of the Oder River. Klingert's works have contributed to the development of today's scuba diving practiced today by several million people around the world.





  • 19-piece model in unpainted resin
  • bollard
  • seagull (tribute)





  • dati tecnici:

    dim. busto miniatura: 80 mm 0 60mm

    materiale: resina

    Project and 3D Artist: Di Silvestro Gianpaolo & Simone Rasetti

    Gianni Sorrentino and Luca Vergerio :Accessories

    Pittore: Tommaso Porro

VAT Included