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Fatherhood somewhere in Afganistan

SKU: Afganbust

There isn't much to explain about this bust. We have all seen, heard and read the news that has taken place in the Middle East.

How would you define a dad?

Who is a dad?

We thought that this image could represent in 1000 ways what a father would do for his own child.

Now it's up to you modelers to give it a soul.


The resin model of the father will be available in limited edition and in only 100 pieces.

Sales start from 22 January 2022 Shipments from 10 February 2022





  • technical data:

    size bust: 1:10

    pcs: 3 resin pieces

    Sculptor: Mujin Park

    1° box Art: Roberto Del Cima

    2° box Art: Luca Vergerio


    shipments will starts 10 February 2022


VAT Included