Colla cianoacrilica EM600 Starbond

Professional cyanoacrylate glue for modeling and restoration Starbond EM600


The Starbond EM-600 Heavy Medium glue is an ethyl cyanoacrylate glue with a viscosity similar to syrup, and that offers constant control over the bonding process. Medium glue is "heavier" and can be used for bonding and repairs. The Starbond EM-600 Heavy Medium CA glue is specially formulated to have a prolonged hardening time that lengthens the positioning time for more precise fixation. Depending on the material you are working with and the volume of adhesive used, the pasting time can be up to one minute. In any case, Starbond Accelerator is recommendable to speed up the process. The Starbond EM-600 Heavy Medium CA glue is a popular adhesive for repairing fractured stones, such as marble shelves. It might need to be sanded to achieve the finish of your liking.
This glue is most used for photoengraving model railways and it is ideal for: Wood • Metal • Rubber • Leather • Ceramic • Precious stones • Rocks and minerals • Carbon fiber • Fiberglass • PVC and most plastics



    Use protective gloves and glasses.
    For safety data sheets go to
    or request it directly from us.
    Viscosity: 600 cPs (similar to density of syrup). Good permeability, excellent for resistant bonding.

    Bonding time: 30-60 seconds.
    Once the glue is open, it lasts 24 months (store in a dry and cool place)
    Pack of 56 g.


    The product can be returned intact in its original packaging


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