Colla cianoacrilica Starbond N/O-05 per stampe 3D

N/O-05 Starbond Infiltrant Odorless Thin CA Glue


The N/O-05 is a 3D printer “infiltrant”. The N/O-05 is a thin CA that is odorless, fumeless, and hypoallergenic. This watery-thin adhesive infiltrates hairline fractures, pores, and narrow slots filling any empty voids. Well suited for porous and fragile material such as foam, soft wood (balsa), ceramics, unpolished minerals, and fossil bones. For inlay applications, the adhesive penetrates and stabilizes the material through capillary action. It is often used as a finish by applying several coats, sanding, and then polishing to a high gloss.



Compatible With:

Wood Metal Rubber Leather Ceramics Gemstones Rocks & Minerals Carbon Fiber Fiberglass PVC and Most Plastics


    Use protective gloves and glasses.
    For safety data sheets go to

    or request it directly from us.
    Viscosity: 5 cPs (similar to water), very high penetrability, 10-20 seconds bonding time.
    Once opened, it lasts 24 months (stored in a dry and cool place).

    Pack of 56 g.


    The product can be returned intact in its original packaging.

VAT Included