Starbond medium Thick white colla per modellismo DW-500 white

Cyanoacrylate Glue DW-500 Starbond White Medium Thick

Professional White Cyanoacrylate Glue for model making and restoration DW 150


The DW-500 glue consists of a unique formula that creates a matte white bond. This adhesive is ideal for filling and repairing gaps, cracks and imperfections in white or light colors. This white CA is specially designed for marble repair and  all those materials that need to fill spaces. Medium-thick viscosity is a slow-flowing adhesive. It is important to keep in mind that colored CAs, due to the added rubber compound, have a longer bonding time. Although bonding time is generally 40-60 seconds, it can take much longer to dry when larger volumes of adhesive are applied. For these cases, the use of the Starbond Accelerator is recommended.


ideal for: Repair of marble, granite and quartz: Repairs, mixing in surfaces of similar color, threadlocker, surface assembly, grouting and compositions in model making.


Compatible with: Wood • Metal  • Eraser  • Ceramic leather • Precious stones • Rocks • minerals • Carbon fiber • glass wool and most plastics


    Use protective gloves and goggles

    for safety data sheets see or request it directly from us

    Viscosity: 500cPs (viscosity similar to a very dense motor oil penetribility  high, bonding time from 50-60 seconds.

    Once opened, the glue lasts 24 months (store in a cool and dry place)

    Pack of 28 gr

    medium / high penetribility, bonding time from 50-60 seconds.

VAT Included
Available color: white