Esule Istriana modello busto scala 1:10

Resin bust "Exile" victim of war

1947 the Nave Toscana docks at the Pola quay. Throughout the town there is the sound of hammers ... nails are missing ... more nails are needed ... boards positioned to bar doors and windows that will no longer be opened. It is estimated that between 250,000 and 300,000 people had to leave their homes and lands. 10,000 or perhaps more is the exorbitant number of Giuliano-Dalmati infoibati. A historical and cultural tragedy that has involved thousands of lives broken and removed from their homes.


An exile tells of his departure from Pula:

“I remember the sound of hammers banging on nails, the truck carrying Aunt Regina's bedroom to the Carbon Pier, moving between buildings deathly pale with fear, and all the packaging soaking in the snow and rain. The great ship left twice a month, from the chimneys the smoke rose to the sky like incense and insinuated the subtle torment of uncertainty and the shadow of uneasiness into the soul; everyone felt more and more depressed by the air of disgrace that hovered over the friends they met on the street. Gradually the "Toscana" had informed all the Polesani ... »Nelida Milani - cit-


One number, 18 ... a warehouse in the port of Trieste ... not a destination but a station where many personal effects and forgotten memories are kept; chairs, many stacked chairs ... the last object taken away  from a land that has never been Italian again. We of Scientificmodels, we wanted to tell through a new bust "magically" sculpted by the artist Mujin Park this torn and forgotten sheet of our contemporary history. 


We feel the moral duty to remember stories lost in oblivion.

Stories commanded by the decisions of a few but which have changed the lives of many.

We do not express and we do not want to underline any historical or political judgment: our task is  to make everyone reflect with the help of art and painting.

- In a war there are no losers or winners but only victims.

In a touching musical called "Magazzini 18" the artist and songwriter Simone Cristicchi writes: "they have exchanged our roots, with a future of tight shoes ..."

In honor and remembrance of all the exiles.

Gianpaolo Dr. Di Silvestro 


Recommended reading:

  • Memory denied. Growing up in a refugee collection center for Julian exiles - Marisa Brugna, 2003
  • Magazzino 18. Stories of Italians exiled from Istria, Fiume and Dalmatia- Cristicchi Simone, 2019
  • Bora: Istria, The Wind of Exile - Anna Maria Mori, 2018
  • technical data:

    dim. miniature bust: 1/10 about 12cm

    material: resin

    Project: Di Silvestro Gianpaolo

    Sculpted by: Mujin Park

    Box Art: Luca Vergerio

    Painter: Luca Vergerio

VAT Included