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Akiko and her Wagasa resin model

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I travel to Japan at least 3 times in a year and if there is one thing that has always fascinated me it is the wonderful central park of Sapporo - Hokkaido.

In September, there is a usual local food and streetfood festival that I recommend everyone to visit and try at least once in their lifetime. Dozens of stalls with top quality street food offering the best of Japan under the imposing and watchful TV tower.

About two years ago I was with my friend Naonobu and Keiko to taste the delicacies of Japanese street food  and, just one of those evenings, I noticed between the tables  a mother and a little girl dressed in their kimono eating some kind of steaming Ramen.

Let me tell you: a beautiful scene  and that somehow screeched and magically merged with the chaotic atmosphere of the evening.

Some time later, wandering around the net, I found an old vintage photo of a little girl and her wagasa, the typical Japanese paper umbrella ....  and so Akiko's idea was born.

Akiko means little girl of autumn, or shining little girl, just as the typical paper and bamboo umbrellas are shining and full of colors.

A tribute to Japan to the many friends I have there.


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  • technical data:

    size bust: 1:10

    pcs: 8 resin pieces

    Sculptor: Airat H

    1st box Art: Roberto Del Cima

    2nd box Art: 


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