Aiko Laura gallo resin model casiniArt by scientificmodels

Aiko zombie boy resin miniature

Aiko just wanted to read. Traveling between the pages, being transported on the wings of stories, in places that otherwise he would never have been able to visit. How could he have imagined that that old volume found in the library, hidden under piles of books and covered in dust, contained the Prayer of the Cursed, an ancient spell capable of awakening the dead? He had read it only out of curiosity, to roll the ancient words with a magical flavor on his tongue. Their sound was so beautiful, he didn't even feel the first bite. Almost.




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  • technical data:

    size miniature: 9 cm x 8cm

    pcs: 2 resin pieces

    Sculptor: Laura Gallo

    Box Art: 

    Story: Barbara Battistelli


    shipments will take place on a weekly basis in the purchase order


VAT Included