trilobite Damesella paronai stampato con tecnica 3D

3D printed model of Cambrian Trilobite Damesella paronai


This is a high quality 2:1 scale 3D model of a Damesella paronai trilobite. Trilobites are extinct organisms that lived in the ancient Paleozoic seas for a total period of about 270 million years.
This model was created 5 years ago with the very first 3D printing techniques. Throughout these years we have been mentioned in various news articles and an entire feature has been dedicated to us by the leading 3D printing company Materialise. The model is scientifically sharpened and is exhibited in some of the most prestigious museums around the globe, such as the Royal Ontario Museum, the Tamarokuto Museum and the Seoul Science Museum.


This is a realistic replica, completely faithful to the fossil.

VAT Included