Streaking e Wet Effects Airbrush Stencil "effetto ruggine e scolature"

Streaking and Wet Effects Airbrush Stencil "rust and dripping effect"

SKU: Streakingwet

This is a modeling Airbrush stencil that simulates the dripping and wet effect and you can use it on your models  and dioramas.

Stencil Very useful for reproducing, effects and drains of rust and more.

The stencil is laser engraved on color resistant paper, and it is  reusable dozens of times.

The Stencil is useful for 1:35, 1:48 and 1:72 scale modeling


  • technical data:

    stencil dim: 8,5 cm x 8 cm

    material: high strength laser engraved paper

VAT Included