Muri merlati elementi scenici per diorama 54mm modellismo

Crenellated walls 54mm scale for diorama

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The crenellated walls are found largely in the foothills and hills of Friuli. They were erected for about 200 years and until the end of the 19th century. The explosion of these artifacts began in the historical moment of the passage from the Republic of Venice to the Hapsburg Empire, when the sale of noble lands and the sale of municipal properties led to the creation of land parcels with the presence of numerous plots to be confined. The arable land of the plain of Gemona, Osoppo and the Friulian Collio itself were in the hands of wealthy landowners who decided to create fences equipped with battlements. These works made it possible to save on construction material  and enslaved to various functions:  defend the property: avoid soil erosion and washout, shelter from the wind and support the vines. The countryside was divided into closed farms which took the name of ( braide ). The walls were built with conglomerate blocks, dolomite pebbles and sandstone blocks and boulders from the Tagliamento.



    Wall and floor made of polyurethane resin

    slab size: 16cm x 9cm and 8.5cm x 17cm

    Scale: for 54mm models and dioramas

    sculptor: Model Victoria



VAT Included