modellino in resina 54mm di Tricheco Odobenus rosmarus Linnaeus, 1758 modellismo diorama

Scale model of a Walrus with Odobenus rosmarus cub

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Cit. David Attenborough ...

"At least on the top there is room to rest. The sight of a walrus out of the water is dim, but he can perceive others below. When they get hungry, the walruses need to get back into the water. In desperation to do so, hundreds of them. they fall from heights they should never have reached .... "

these are some words I copied and taken from the latest Netflix documentary Our Planet.


You may have read about the mass deaths or collective suicides that have been taking place in recent years in many walrus colonies ... Global warming and habitat modification is one of the most accredited hypotheses ... we do not go so far as to tell a truth which still has to be verified with scientific data in hand, but it is certain that the human impact on ecosystems is irreversibly transforming GAIA.

This is how this small diorama was born .... the subject is easy to understand ... in 1:32 scale and sculpted by the Bravo Andrea Calabrese.

The subject and the idea are also born thanks to a series of photos and data that I had collected during my years of study at university.

A small piece is still missing from this diorama that will be released very soon ... and will see a "little man" as the protagonist .... the diorama will be common and can be purchased in the next few weeks ....

"Walrus" MOTHER and puppy in 1:32 scale

I can't change this world ... and I don't have the power ... but I can tell you these stories ... and you can become a spokesperson and spread awareness ... it's not so much but it's worth trying ... your brushes can be a symbol ... you just have to believe it.

  • technical data:

    dim. walrus to scale and 54mm = 1:32

    The package includes mother walrus + two puppies in 2 different poses

    material: resin and clear resin for ice

    Project: Di Silvestro Gianpaolo

    3D Artist: Andrea Calabrese


VAT Included