Krampus resin kit model 75mm Christmas modellino resina

Krampus! the real demons of christmas resin kit 75mm


it is December 8 ... from the snow-capped mountains and from the paths that descend to the valley you can see torches ... in the distance a sound of cowbells ... and then they arrive ... screaming and wriggling ... beating with a whipping and playing tricks on unsuspecting inhabitants; ... They are the Krampus! The young people of the town try to challenge them, they are beaten, they struggle but in the end they boldly show their friends the heroic act: a handful of soot on the clothes that is the much coveted medal. This is the scene that could be feared in many mountain locations in Northern Italy and Northern Europe.

But what are the Krampus? where do they originate and why did we decide to sculpt them?

The Krampus .... are, if we want to describe them, beings covered with skins and horns. They have no face ... and are tamed only by the Saint (Saint Nicholas). It is an ancient winter ritual that is repeated in different areas of Europe with always similar and recurring elements. In my reading and wandering on the net ... I was fascinated by the similarities between the island of monsters in Japan and our own Krampus and Wildman. Similar practices take place in the Bavarian Alps, in Germany, Romania and in the rest of Europe: Ancient rites ... Do you remember the story of the Black Man? and the ash brought to bad children?

Do you think they are just your grandmother's inventions?

During the first days of December the Bärbele (ancient befane) are born and appear, entities similar to witches, but whose origins are very ancient ... medieval and beyond ... many of their names have been handed down over the past centuries ... these apotropaic figures are capable of bestowing gifts and punishments according to the welcome received, and then the Wildmans arrive. Medieval sources mention them .... but we can go even further into the research (the sources are confused and often oral) but it is thought that the mythological figure of Krampus was born as a contrast between the dark and harmful forces of frost (winter) and the beginning of rebirth. (spring) Anthropologically speaking there is in these rites the will to scare the evil forces with propitiatory dances and rites. Everything is aimed at rebirth, at Spring. The fire, which is persistently seen in the representation of the Krampus, is the ultimate intent to awaken the Light (sun) to prepare the ground for a new life. Even in the myths of Odin and Wotan (Norrean tradition) the furious ride is a good omen for the Bona goddess (rebirth of spring).

Today's Krampus as we know it from mountain festivals is certainly the fruit of millennia of Christian influence and its demonization by Catholicism.

Around the winter solstice a whole series of rites are concentrated, still vivid in our society, but which often lose their ancient roots with the past.

With this small sculpture we just want to make known and tell in a different way this often forgotten apotropaic tradition.

Let the reader be clear: there are numerous sources on the origin of the Krampus. We have tried to summarize in a few lines one of the various interpretations studied and told, which do not however want to be the absolute truth of a rite with very ancient origins and roots.





first shipments from 23 December 2020


first shipments from 23 December 2020







  • 13 pieces model in unpainted resin Krampus
  • 7-piece model scared child
  • base




  • technical data:

    dim. miniature bust: 80 mm Krampus

    material: resin and 3D printing

    Project: Di Silvestro Gianpaolo

    3D Artist: Simone Rasetti

    Painter: Paolo Di Poce

VAT Included