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Resin figure Plague Doctor Schnabel doktor 75mm

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This is a 75mm resin figure and depicts a German / Austrian plague doctor probably dated 1700, but there are many mysteries about his Exact Origin. Two masks of this type are kept in some northern European medical museums, but the dating is uncertain, there is still some mystery about their origin and manufacture. Unlike the Venetian mask we are all used to, the beak and hood were made of suede ...

The plague is an infectious disease of bacterial origin (Yersinia pestis) , scientifically studied only in 1984 by a pupil of Pasteur. The name derives from the word "pes" or breath, due to its deadly breath that makes the plague a rapidly spreading and uncontrollable disease, always or almost with a fatal outcome.

The usual host is the coming flea  carried by rats and mice. This bacterium is deadly transmitted to humans with  one or more bites of these infected insects;  in rare cases, airborne transmission through coughing is also possible.

Sheets, carpets, beds were the ideal conditions for the proliferation of fleas and parasites; Poor and unhealthy sanitary conditions were the cause and birth of pandemics that plagued the human genus for over 1000 years.

But why build a model of the plague doctor?

Its "uniform" was and represents the first model of protection against pathogens in history. Mask in the shape of a bird (crow), long gloves, a thick and heavy wax, shoes or boots, a wand and the inevitable Christian cross were the paraphernalia that the doctor dressed to visit the sick. The superstitious figure of the Raven and the black tunic were used to drive away the evil from the unfortunate and in some way protect the operator from "miasma"  poisons of the Bubonic Plague. In the long beak, the doctor used to put medicinal and perfumed herbs that eliminated the stench of death, this is where the custom of giving fragrant flowers to the dead comes from.





The model is in 8 pieces in unpainted resin

Rats are not included you can find them as a separate kit here:



  • technical data:

    dim. busto miniatura: 80mm about

    materiale: resina

    Project and 3D Artist: Di Silvestro Gianpaolo & Alessio Schirinzi

    Pittore: Roberto Del Cima

VAT Included