Hugo' resin model science fiction modellismo fantascienza robot in vendita

Coming from another Future: Wonder Stories

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Mass or popular scientific "culture" is something very recent; we are in the 60s and everything that comes before that date was part of the portentous and fantastic materials very far from the daily life of people.
Everything was known through magazines, weekly articles and news reports.
But let's go back a moment .... we are in 1884 and in Luxembourg a young inventor passionate about the world of electricity and physics is born. It is said ( ) that at the age of twelve he went to install a telephone line in a convent of cloistered nuns, since he combined the two requisites of young age and competence. A geek of the past if we want to call it that ...
this young inventor was called Hugo Gernsback.
Emigrated to America ... Hugo devoted himself to inventing and founding several magazines and editorials ....
Radio News, Science and Invention, Radio Review, Spare Time Money Making, Radio Internacional, Radio Listener's Guide ... but what we particularly remember him for is AMAZING STORIES.
Why did we want to make a tribute to a revolutionary idea like that of Mr. Hugo '?
Because like Jules Verne, science fiction was seen for the first time as a look towards the future, a way to imagine new worlds and new realities ... which is a little bit what happens to us today when we watch a film or fantasize by imagining new explorations. space. It all started here ... or almost ....
This unpainted resin model in 54mm and 75mm represents a Man of the past with a "Futuristic" viewer projected into a "Future" and "modern" reality ... It is no coincidence that the Robot is recreated with a vintage 70s style .. .. the passage and the vision beyond are the ideas that pushed us in the realization of this enterprise.
If you are careful in the whole model and in the Box art there are a lot of quotes of Masterpieces and Cult objects from the Fantastic and Sci-Fi period ....
the model lends itself to being colored in many ways and also to be set in "Atomic punk" style landscapes or created by citing the historical character.
I hope you like it.
for those wishing to learn more ...


  • technical data:

    dim. miniature bust: 54mm or 75mm + tin robot included

    material: resin and 3D printing

    Project: Di Silvestro Gianpaolo

    3D Artist: Simone Rasetti

    Painter: Luca Vergerio

VAT Included