Colla starbond Em-40 liquida

Professional cyanoacrylate glue for modeling and restoration Starbond EM40

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The Starbond EM-40 glue is an ethyl cyanoacrylate glue, practical to use for wood finishing. As a glue, it is easier to handle than EM-02 and it makes an excellent, less watery substitute. This thin CA has a slightly "heavier" viscosity compared to the typical thin, but it is fine enough to penetrate into most fractures, pores and metallic inlay materials. The Starbond EM-40 Heavy Thin glue has become famous for its high gloss wood finish applications. And by applying several coats, sanding and polishing, heavy and thin, AC creates a waterproof seal. It is recommended to use the Starbond Accelerator to avoid the saturation of permeable objects.

Ideal for: Wood • Metal • Leather • Ceramics • Precious stones • Rocks and minerals • Carbon fiber • Fiberglass • PVC and most plastics



    Use protective gloves and glasses.
    For safety data sheets go to

    or request it directly from us.
    Viscosity: 40 cPs (similar to olive oil), very high penetrability, 5-10 seconds bonding time.
    Once opened, it lasts 24 months (stored in a dry and cool place).

    Pack of 56 g.



    The product can be returned intact in its original packaging.

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